Reserving Judgement…Disqualifying the Positive

When you Disqualify the Positive you are rejecting positive experiences because you think they don’t apply to you or don’t count.

It would look kind of like this:

“Wow your hair looks great!” (your friend says)

Well I don’t know about won’t do anything for me today and just looks flat.” (you say)


“I really enjoyed that presentation you gave the other day.” (your friend)
“Oh I don’t know. Have you noticed that I seem difficult to get along with? I just can’t seem to keep friends.” (you say)

Discounting the positive helps people continue to uphold their negative belief in spite of the truth of everyday experiences.

Ask yourself if what you are thinking is realistic.

Are you really difficult to get along with? Because in the scenario above you are talking to a friend. So the answer would be no and that thought would be just a thought and not the truth.

We have to look at just the facts, when driven into Emotional Mind by thinking errors, and reserve judgement. Remember to separate opinion from fact. The thinking error will occur first and then you use your skills…let a thought be just a thought.

When you find yourself speaking like this remember to think in grey and make a grey compassionate statement about something positive that you have done. Everyone has a variety of positive experiences they have been apart of. Remember those.

~Wishing you well this day,

The Mindful Gatekeeper