Seeing Deeply

“Looking deeply means observing something or someone with so much concentration that the distinction between observer and observed disappears. The result is insight into the true nature of the object.” — Thich Nhat Hanh


Learning To See



In the last post I talked about reserving judgement when being Mindful.

What that means is that you have to become aware of the different mindsets and then learn to Observe.

First all the mind is not the brain it is a state that is generated under certain circumstances. In my experience there are 3 mind states that all are to work together.

  1. Emotional Mind
  2. Reasonable Mind
  3. Wise Mind

Emotional Mind is when a person is influenced by their natural emotions.  All emotions are valid and natural. This is where your feelings live. This mind is full of drama. But it has a function that is very important…The Emotional Mind is a messenger.

Reasonable Mind deals in facts, lists, organization, and logic. It is flat and has no emotion. Reasonable mind’s function is to look at just the facts.

Wise Mind factors in both the Emotional Mind and Reasonable Mind to intuitively make a unique and wise decision based on truth.  Everyone has a Wise Mind.

These 3 mood states are designed to work together.

The Emotional Mind will alert the Reasonable that something needs attention…that is all it is supposed to do. Then the Reasonable Mind will look at  just the facts and the Wise Mind will make the decision.

Both Emotional Mind and Reasonable need to work in unison for the Wise Mind to work most effectively.

We all use our Wise Mind in different circumstances. Sometimes it is harder to use Wise Mind in particular areas in our lives.

I always say to myself why didn’t they teach us this in school? Emotional/Mental intelligence sometimes needs to be learned not guessed.

So now that you know what the 3 states of mind are and how they work together, it is time to talk about learning to Observe.

In Mindfulness we break things down and practice one idea at a time. Observing is just to see. When we see things we just see them. It is the first component to understanding and the only part we use when Observing.  Just notice what is going on and reserve your judgement while doing so. Do not react to what you see. Let experience come and go…let the images slide right out of your mind like your mind is a slick surface. Let an experience be just an experience. Do not ask why. Hold on to nothing. Just let the thoughts and images come in to your mind and go by. Be alert to all images, thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions that passes through your mind and let them go on by like a train going down the track…don’t jump onto the train..just let it pass on by. Watch your thoughts and feelings (etc) like watching them go by on a conveyor belt. Be sure to notice all of the sensations in your body through your 5 senses. If it is raining feel the rain on your skin. If the sun is warm experience the warmth. Smell the flowers or the food cooking. See the birds flying through the sky. Taste the sweetness of a strawberry.Watch the clouds go by in the sky.


Do not describe any of what you observe to yourself. Just watch and notice and be.

Think about this for awhile, chew it over in your mind, and try observing in this way. The door to more peace and satisfaction is opening.

Wishing you all well,

The Mindful Gatekeeper