Reserving Judgement…Should Statements

Should Statements are an attempt to motivate ourselves by using guilt.

Guilt is a powerful emotion that can be hurtful when misused.

“She shouldn’t do that. She ought to do this instead”

“He must not do that. He should do this instead”

Should statements cause resentment and anger towards ourselves or towards others.

Remember in Mindfulness we see and don’t evaluate. We look at just the facts. We focus on the WHAT..not the “good” or “bad”, the “terrible” or “wonderful”, the “should” or “should not”. (Handout 3)

Unglue your opinions. Let the judgements go. Let them pass by like a train rolling down the track in front of you.

When you find yourself judging. DON’T JUDGE YOUR JUDGING. (Handout 3)

It is what it is and now you can relax.

~Wishing you well this day

The Mindful Gatekeeper