Reserving Judgement…Mind Reading

Here is a rather familiar term…Mind Reading.

This thinking error is when you conclude that somebody is acting negatively towards you..and you don’t check out the facts to see what evidence is there to uphold your thought.

For instance you’re in the grocery store and see an acquaintance. This person blows you off instead of being friendly. You might say to yourself…”Wow this person must not like me anymore…I must have done something wrong.” What you don’t know is that person just got some bad news at work and has to stop by the grocery store to pick up dinner.

Examine the evidence when you find yourself mind reading. What evidence, that is reality based and factual, do you actually have to support your theory?

If you have evidence that this person may be upset with you then that is something you can learn to tolerate. Not everyone is going to approve of us. I find using forgiveness works wonders in these situations.

First of all you don’t have to have any special religious belief to use forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not about liking or approving of the situation. That is a relief,in my opinion, in and of itself.

Forgiveness is about letting go for yourself. So you may move on. This something I would like to talk about in later days.

Back to Mind Reading…

Lets say you have identified yourself using Mind Reading.

Just remember we don’t know everything. We have no idea sometimes what causes people to act the way they do. It is very helpful to remind yourself of this when instances of Mind Reading try to take over.

You may have already noticed but one of my favorite sayings is a thought is just a thought. So let your Mind Reading be just that.

~Wishing you well on this day,

The Mindful Gatekeeper