Reserving Judgement…All or Nothing Thinking

In the post before last I started to touch on the cognitive thinking errors in regards to Reserving Judgment when learning Mindfulness. Cognitive thinking errors really do cloud judgement so I have decided to carry on with this subject for several more entries.

The next “error” I would like to discuss is All or Nothing Thinking.

This type of thinking error is when a person sees everything either in black or white.

This situation is totally awful or completely awesome…or even this person is totally awful or completely awesome...etc.  People think in absolutes when using this type of rationale.

This type of thinking causes our body to use the fight or flight response. It is a natural reaction in a reality based when a person is trying to save another person after a car wreck. In everyday life though it can create unnecessary stress.

Life is not all black and white there are many shades of grey in between. We need to stop and remember those grey areas when we find ourselves speaking in black and white categories. Don’t judge yourself if you do find yourself speaking that way..just Observe, let it go, and come back with a grey statement.

“This situation is not totally awful there are some neutral aspects and maybe even some good that I may or may not be able to see at this time.”

Some key words to watch for in your thinking and or verbal replies would be…Perfect, Impossible, Awful, Always, Completely, Ruined etc..remember this type of rationalization is based on absolutes.

~Wishing you well this day

The Mindful Gatekeeper