Last Step of Mindfulness…Effectiveness

Effectiveness is the last step in our mindfulness chapter. This is putting into play all the other Mindfulness elements.

1. Observe

2. Describe


3. Participate

4. Reserving Judgement

5. Mindful In the Moment

6. Effectiveness

Effectiveness is when you “focus on what works”. (handout 3)

We acknowledge what reality is, whether we like it or not, and do just what is needed in each moment.

Remember to stay in the current moment and not moments we would like to be in or that we should be in.

It is what it is. Now do what you can do in that moment.

If strong feelings try to come into that moment let them a train going down a track. Don’t jump on the train.

Reserve your judgement anddon’t cut off your nose to spite your face by judging your own judging“.(handout 3)

Keep your eye on the ball and go for it.





~Wishing You Well My Friends

The Mindful Gatekeeper


Just Do It

When practicing Mindfulness first you Observe, then you Describe then you Participate….which is you getting completely into your experience.

Let go of thoughts and ruminations and get completely immersed in what you are doing.

“Completely forgetting yourself”…(actual quote from DBT)

We have to put ourselves to the side so that we can become immersed into an experience and not self conscious.

Be able to do without thinking. Like dancing.

Act from your own Wise Mind in an intuitive way.

You have a role, you must focus on the way things ARE.

Learn to accept things as they are.

~Wishing you the best today,

The Mindful Gatekeeper

Become Immersed Within The Experience