Managing Stress.. Comparisons

Another fantastic way to manage you stress is to make…..


For example..Compare yourself to people coping the same as you or less well than you. Compare yourself to those less fortunate than you. Watch soap operas; read about disasters, others suffering etc. (Handout 1 DT)

I use this one all the time and it really does work. As a matter of fact my recent post that featured “Invictus” is a tribute to comparisons..but this time comparing yourself to yourself. I tell myself…”If I can get through that I can get through this”. This is a way to encourage, uplift and validate yourself.

This type of attitude invites gratitude which is deep and healing. So comparison invites gratitude, gratitude brings healing, with healing comes the strength to endure..which ultimately creates a peace.

Remember you are not in this alone…use comparisons and find more relief and peace from your stress.

~Thank you for listening,

The Mindful Gatekeeper


When Life Is Tough-Sail On My Friends….


Remember you always have a choice on how to live your life. If life strikes you down or you fall in some way…just get back up and keep trying. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.