Types of Stress..Eustress


Stress is a part of the human experience. I find that identifying stress types can be very helpful in learning to accept passing moments with more ease.

From my research over the years I have found 3 broad categories of stress:




In this post I want to discuss the later.


Eustress means “good stress”.

According to Wikipedia:

“Eustress was originally explored in a stress model by Richard Lazarus, it is the positive cognitive response to stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfillment or other positive feelings .” Eustress is not defined by the stressor type, but rather how one perceives that stressor (e.g. a negative threat versus a positive challenge).Eustress refers to a positive response one has to a stressor, which can depend on one’s current feelings of control, desirability, location, and timing of the stressor. Potential indicators of eustress may include responding to a stressor with a sense of meaning, hope, or vigor.  Eustress has also been positively correlated with life satisfaction and well-being.”


Sometimes we find ourselves confused and overwhelmed because we feel stress.

Keep your mind aware by using mindfulness, the next time stress comes your way, and see if you may be experiencing Eustress.

Eustress helps a person grow.

We all have different tolerance levels to stress including Eustress. To lead a more peaceful life we must learn to identify our stress and set healthy boundaries.


~Wishing you well this day

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