Reserving Judgement…Magnification/Minimization

This thinking error is when we increase or decrease the importance of an event.

Magnification is when we negatively exaggerate the weight of an occurance.

“If I make a mistake at work I may lose my job then I will lose my ability to pay for my car and house.” Everybody makes mistakes. Were all human. Sometimes we just have to do our best, take responsibility and believe we can learn from these occasions. Mistakes don’t have to be catastrophes.

Minimization happens when we do just the opposite. We understate the positive importance of an event.

“So what if I am getting an award for my hard work. It is no big deal to me..I don’t think I deserve it.” This is not being humble. It is downplaying something very important to your life. Learn to take credit where it is due. It is okay.

We are now down to just a few more thinking distortions that will be posted this week. Afterwards we will be moving onward with more Mindfulness.

~Wishing you well this day

The Mindful Gatekeeper


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