Reserving Judgement…Emotional Reasoning

Emotional Reasoning is when a person assumes that their negative emotions accurately reflect the truth of how things really are.

“I Feel this way, therefore it must be true.”

For instance:

I have housework to do and have feelings of disgust. My feelings of disgust overwhelm me and I believe that I must be a lazy person. I put off my housework which makes me feel even more disgust/laziness.


I feel incapable so I must be an inadequate somehow.
I feel worthless so I must be a bad person somehow.
I feel guilty so I must be guilty somehow.

This type of thinking can be very depressing. But all just a distortion. We can find a better way..

Remember we must look at the whole picture before judging it truth. We must use grey type thinking. Describe the facts only through what you can see, hear etc…not through our emotional responses.

Act opposite to the emotion. Do the housework anyways no matter the feeling you get. Break it up into easy segments if you must. Just do it anyways.

If you feel worthless I just want to say that you’re not. You are a blessing even if you can’t see it. This is where counseling helps. Sometimes we have to unlearn our distortions…learning to recognize them and learning to replace them with positive action.  We need support to do this many times. Support is a strength.

We can talk more about acting opposite later on.

~Wishing you well this day

The Mindful Gatekeeper


One thought on “Reserving Judgement…Emotional Reasoning

  1. Here is my big one….I have so much joint pain and it hurts to exercise, so I see myself as a failure because I can’t get the pounds to melt off like they used to. But I am working on that, with a new year comes new hopes.

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